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Delisa's physical medicine and rehabilitation
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Name: Delisa's physical medicine and rehabilitation principles and practice (two volume set) 5th edition
Author: Joel Delisa, Walter Frontera
Book type: Textbook
Published: 2010 y.
Size: 39.2 mb
Format: PDF
Publishing house: LWW, Philadelphia, USA.
Number of pages: 2218


The field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation focuses on the restoration of health and function and reintegration of the patient into the community. The goal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice is to organize, summarize, discuss, and make available knowledge in the field to assist the developing or established practitioner in these endeavors. This fifth edition is divided in two volumes for ease of use by the practitioner and to accommodate the dramatic increase in information and knowledge in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation since the publication of the fourth edition. This edition also introduces a classification of the chapters in new sections.
The content of the book has been extensively revised and expanded. There are six new chapters and over thirty major revisions in this edition. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, thorough, and multidisciplinary discussion covering the depth and breadth of the science of physical medicine and rehabilitation and the evidence that supports current best practice. Chapters cover the scientific fundamentals of our field as well as the state-of-the-art clinical interventions used in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with a wide variety of diseases and disabilities. Authors for each chapter were chosen for their experience and expertise in their given topic. This text reflects the efforts of over two hundred contributing authors representing all parts of the world.
The editorial board for this edition has changed. Joel A. DeLisa, MD, Editor-in-Chief of the first four editions of the book has become Editor Emeritus. Walter R. Frontera, MD, PhD has assumed the role of Editor-in-Chief. In addition, a wonderful group of three Editors and nine Associate Editors have worked diligently to make this fifth edition a world class treatise.
The editors of this edition would like to express their appreciation to each of the editors and authors of previous editions. Their work has contributed in a special way to this current version. We also would like to acknowledge the hard work of the authors of this current edition; they have helped create an excellent source of knowledge for those interested in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Their commitment and dedication have made this an exciting and productive effort.
We hope this fifth edition of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: Principles and Practice contributes significantly to the advancement of the field. As an essential resource for the training and continuing education of medical rehabilitation professionals, this text will help ensure that the care they provide to people with disabling conditions is of the highest quality, resulting in improvement in their health, function, and quality of life.

Walter R. Frontera
Joel A. DeLisa
Bruce M. Gans
Nicolas E. Walsh
Lawrence R. Robinson
Jeffrey R. Basford
William L. Bockenek
Gregory T. Carter
John Chae
Lynn H. Gerber
Alan M. Jette
Todd P. Stitik
Gerold Stucki
Ross D. Zafonte




Principles of Assessment and Evaluation

1 Clinical Evaluation
2. The Physical Examination
3. Assessment of Human Muscle Function
4. Electrodiagnostic Evaluation of the Peripheral Nervous System
5. Human Walking
6. Imaging Techniques Relative to Rehabilitation
7. Diagnostic Ultrasound
8. Principles and Applications of Measurement Methods
9. Functional Evaluation and Management of Self-care and Other Activities of Daily Living
10. Disability Determination
11. Applying the ICF in Rehabilitation Medicine
12. Systematically Assessing and Improving the Quality and Outcomes of Medical Rehabilitation Programs


The Rehabilitation Team: Systems-Based Practice

13 Rehabilitation Team Function and Prescriptions, Referrals, and Order Writing
14 Psychological Aspects of Rehabilitation
15 Speech, Language, Swallowing, and Auditory Rehabilitation
16 Sexuality and Disability
17 Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living, and Consumerism
18 Community Participation and the Environment: Theoretical, Assessment and Clinical Implications
19 Systems-Based Practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
20 Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Medicine
21 Interactions with the Medicolegal System
22 International Aspects of the Practice of Rehabilitation Medicine


Major Conditions

23 Stroke Rehabilitation
24 Traumatic Brain Injury
25 Multiple Sclerosis
26 Rehabilitation of Persons with Parkinson’s Disease and Other Movement Disorders
27 Rehabilitation of Spinal Cord Injury
28 Adult Motor Neuron Disease
29 Peripheral Neuropathy
30 Myopathy
31 Osteoarthritis
32 Disorders of the Cervical Spine
33 Rehabilitation of Lumbar Spine Disorders: An Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Approach
34 Scoliosis and Other Spinal Deformities
35 Upper Extremity Soft-Tissue Injuries
36 Cumulative Trauma Disorders
37 Hand Disorders
38 Foot Disorders
39 The Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis
40 Rehabilitation of the Patient with Rheumatic Diseases
41 Cardiac Rehabilitation
42 Rehabilitation of the Patient with Respiratory Dysfunction
43 Burn Rehabilitation
44 Rehabilitation for Patients with Cancer Diagnoses
45 Vascular Diseases
46 Transplantation Medicine: A Rehabilitation Perspective
47 Rehabilitation of the Individual with HIV


Secondary Conditions and Complications

48 Physical Inactivity: Physiological and Functional Impairments and Their Treatment
49 Treatment of the Patient with Chronic Pain
50 Spasticity and Muscle Overactivity as Components of the Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome
51 Neurogenic Bladder and Bowel
52 Pressure Ulcers

Special Populations

53 Sports Medicine
54 Physical Activity for People with Disabilities
55 Performing Arts Medicine
56 Children with Disabilities
57 Adults with Childhood-Onset Disabling Conditions
58 Empowering Women with Disabilities to be Self-Determining in their Health Care
59 Aging and Rehabilitation
60 Primary Care for Persons with Disability

Management Methods

61 Therapeutic Exercise
62 Aquatic Rehabilitation
63 Therapeutic Physical Agents
64 Manipulation, Massage, and Traction
65 Pharmacotherapy of Disability
66 The Pharmacology of Analgesic Agents
67 Injection Procedures
68 Spinal Injection Procedures
69 Palliative Care Symptom Management
70 Evolution of Biofeedback in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
71 Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation in Neurorehabilitation
72 Functional Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
73 Assistive Technology
74 Upper and Lower Extremity Prosthetics
75 Upper Limb Orthotics
76 Lower Extremity Orthotics, Shoes, and Gait Aids
77 Spinal Orthotics
78 Wheelchairs
79 Complementary and Alternative Medicine


Scientifi c Advances

80 Evidence-Based Practice in Rehabilitation (Including Clinical Trials)
81 Neural Repair and Plasticity
82 Regenerative Medicine: Implications in Rehabilitation
83 Rehabilitation Robotics


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