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Name: Patterson's Allergic Diseases (7-th edition)
Author: Roy Patterson, Leslie Grammer, Paul Greenberger
Book type: Manual
Published: 2009 y.
Size: 17.6 mb
Format: PDF
Publishing house: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW)
Number of pages: 736

Like every edition before it, this book is written principally as a guide for physicians and other healthcare providers. While it is intended to be oriented toward patient evaluation and management, there are also discussions of the underlying immunologic mechanisms, pathophysiology, pharmacology and diagnostic techniques. Because atopic diseases are prevalent, and becoming more so, we hope that a variety of healthcare providers will find this edition useful as they care for patients with allergic and other immunologic diseases. We have added four new chapters dealing with cough; pruritus; gastrointestinal disorders, namely, eosinophilic esophagitis and gastroesophageal reflux; and the results from the "alphabet soup" of asthma clinical trials such as CAMP, SMART, and IMPACT. This edition also includes a companion Web site with fully searchable text, as well as additional references, tables, and figures. Throughout the book, bold, italicized call-outs denote these extra web materials.
We believe that caring for patients with atopic diseases sometimes is best accomplished in collaboration with physicians from other specialties. Therefore, about one quarter of the chapters are actually written by other specialists with whom the allergist-immunologist is likely to collaborate. Those specialties include dermatology, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, psychiatry, pulmonology, and radiology. We are indebted to each of the contributing authors, and hereby express our heartfelt gratitude for their participation in this newest edition of Patterson's Allergic Diseases.

Leslie C. Grammer, MD
Paul A. Greenberger,MD

Preface ix
Acknowledgments xvii

SECTION I. The Immune System: Biologic and Clinical Aspects

1 Review of Immunology
2 Immunology of IgE-mediated and Other Hypersensitivity Responses
3 Biochemical Mediators of Allergic Reactions
4 Evaluation and Management of Immune Deficiency in Allergy Practice
5 Evaluation of Eosinophilia

SECTION II. Pathogenic and Environmental Aspects in Allergy and Asthma

6 Allergens and Other Factors Important in Atopic Disease
7 Airborne Pollen Prevalence in the United States

SECTION III. Principles of Evaluation and Treatment

8 Diagnosis of Immediate Hypersensitivity
9 Physiologic and Biologic Evaluation ofAllergic Lung Diseases
10 Radiologic Evaluation of Allergic and Related Diseases of the Upper Airway
11 Radiologic Evaluation of Allergic and Related Diseases of the Lower Airway
12 Chronic Rhinosinusitis Role of Rhinoscopy and Surgery
13 Principles of ImmunologicManagement ofAllergic Diseases Due to Extrinsic Antigens

SECTION IV. Anaphylaxis and Other Generalized Hypersensitivity

14 Anaphylaxis
15 Allergy to Stinging Insects
16 ErythemaMultiforme, Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
17 Drug Allergy
Part A. Introduction, Epidemiology, Classification of Adverse Reactions, Immunochemical Basis, Risk Factors, Evaluation of Patients with Suspected Drug Allergy, Patient Management Considerations
Part B. Allergic Reactions to Individual Drugs: LowMolecular Weight
Part C. Immunologic Reactions to High-Molecular-Weight Therapeutic Agents
18 Food Allergies


19 Asthma
20 The Infant and Toddler with Asthma
21 Management of Acute Severe Asthma
22 Asthma Clinical Trials

SECTION VI. Other Immunologic Pulmonary Disease

23 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis
24 Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
25 Occupational Immunologic Lung Disease

SECTION VII. Upper Respiratory Tract Disease

26 Allergic Rhinitis
27 Nasal Polyposis, Sinusitis, and Nonallergic Rhinitis
28 Allergic Diseases of the Eye and Ear

SECTION VIII. Cutaneous Allergic Disease

29 Atopic Dermatitis
30 Contact Dermatitis
31 Urticaria, Angioedema, and Hereditary Angioedema
32 Approach to the Patient with Pruritus

SECTION IX. Pharmacology

33 Antihistamines
34 b Agonists
35 Corticosteroids in Treatment ofAllergic Diseases
36 Other Antiallergic Drugs: Cromolyn, Nedocromil, Antileukotrienes, Anticholinergics, and Theophylline
37 Delivery Devices for Inhaled Medications
38 Novel Immunologic Therapies

SECTION X. Special Situations

39 Allergic Disorders and Pregnancy
40 Eosinophilic Esophagitis
41 Chronic Cough
42 Sleep Disorders in the Allergic Patient
43 Management of the Psychologically Complicated Patient
44 Controversial and Unproved Methods in Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment


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